HUBER hautnah - History

In 1908, Josef Huber founded his own bodywear company in Götzis. From the beginning, he placed the greatest value on the highest quality materials, perfect fit and exceptional comfort. This culture of perfect comfort is even today the immovable foundation of the HUBER brand and its history of success. Today, HUBER is the bodywear brand in Austria with the richest tradition. Even after the internationalization of the company in recent years, every individual HUBER Original is designed and developed in Austria. This ensures that even in the future, the more than 100 years of experience in bodywear products, and the outstanding competence in fine textiles will make every new model a distinctive original from HUBER.

Pioneering product innovations

Since its establishment, many pioneering product innovations have been developed at HUBER and introduced to the market. In the 1920s, the company introduced a special warming underwear made of napped material to the market. Immediately after the Second World War, when there was an exceptional demand for extended durability, HUBER developed underwear with an easy-to-change rubber waistband. In 1952, a new fiber blend of fine animal wools and cotton was developed for the exclusive “Dexa Lancofil” product line, which unified the positive characteristics of both materials in a unique textile.

Market leadership and development center

In the 1960s, HUBER became the market leader in bodywear in Austria. With the dying and finishing operations in Mäder, inaugurated in 1967, it was first possible for HUBER itself to control the entire production process. Using the opportunities of the opening of the market in the 1990s, Huber set up production plants in Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria. Now, the competence and development center of the HUBER brand has one of the most modern textile production plants in the world.

HUBER hautnah - Internationalization

Today HUBER is an internationally active company, which continues the proud tradition of the Austrian original around the globe. With a great deal of innovative power and an exceptional intuition for new developments, the HUBER brand will continue to stand for the highest quality and incomparable comfort in the future.