Everyday life requires a great deal of me. I have to deal with many demands, I fulfill many roles and try to stay true to myself. I can only meet these demands when I feel good in my own skin, when I let go and can just be myself, in all of my facets. No thoughts spinning around in my head, no inner autopilot, no rushing around. Instead, feeling and enjoying the feeling of relaxation, freedom and security.

HUBER - Be yourself! our HUBER team...


ManagementFlorian Neu
Marketing & PR Kiki McGowan, Danira Koch
Sales Management &  International Sales Jürgen Reis
Product ManagementAndré Jahnke, Marie-Denise Kullich
Product DevelopmentClaudia Burtscher, Gabriela Svetina
Design Karin Schönenberger-Wohlgenannt, 
Markus Hüsken, Stefanie Feldmann
PlanningJudith Giessauf
Controlling Sabrina Sutterlüty